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HURF has been providing support to the citizen for conflict transformation in non violent way. HURF is pioneer in Mediation in Nepal (started since 2001) and has been providing mediation service. Differents tools for non violent conflict transfermation such as mediation, psychosocial counseling, forum theatre, dialogue facilitation, non violent communication are being applied to settle violent conflict and to promote sustainable peace. HURF also provides rescue, shelter, legal support to the victims of violence.  


HURF has been providing mediation, dialogue facilitation support to the citizen in their personal, family disputes as well as holds dialogue in group conflict, and political conflicts. As a resource center of mediation in province 1, HURF develops mediators in community level. At the moment HURF Nepal in cooperation with Civil Peace Service is working to strengthening capacities of local Judicial structure for community justice service. It focuses to establish mediation centers in ward level.  HURF supports to develop skillful mediators in these mediation centers too. Thus, in support of HURF Nepal, a large number of mediators, mediation centers and judicial committees are now working in promoting mediation and providing access to justice in province 1.

Psychosocial Support

HURF provides psychosocial support to the citizen to address the cold conflict. It’s a holistic approach and it includes psychosocial counseling, legal support, protection support such as rescue, shelter. HURF has been providing psychosocial counseling support to the people in quarantine, isolation and their families at the moment.

Rescue and Shelter Support

HURF provides rescue and shelter support to the victim of violence especially for the female of Gender Based Violence.  HURF provides short term shelter support to these persons. It is the only one shelter in Ilam district.

Legal aid & Legal Support

HURF provides legal support in two ways.  The first one is legal support to the citizen to provide them procedural counseling on how an individual can access to justice with complaining their cases.  HURF also provides legal aid to the victim of violence (female) for registering their cases in court.
Likewise, the second one is Legal advice to local peace structures. HURF provides advisory support to the local judicial committees, local governments, and mediators on their substantive and procedural process in province 1.

Toll Free 16602752111
Prioritizing the intensity of the cases HURF establish a toll free telephone service to hear the complaints focusing the victim of violence and person in need especialy  children and women. Citizen can contact at 16602752111 to register register their request, and it is toll free.

Child Helpline 1098

For emergency rescue and protection of children HURF hosts child helpline number 1098. Its 24 hours service. 

How  and who  to Contact to Receive the Services ?

Citizen who wants to request for our support can contact our Communication officer during office hour via following means :

After receiving your request you will be informed about the process and respective person for example, lawyer, counselors  for further process of your support.

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