Psychosocial Counseling training for Teachers and Health workers

Ilam, 9 September, 2023

Two days training on Psychosocial counseling for teachers and health workers held on 7-8 September, in Sandakpur rural municipality. Altogether 20  protection teachers of child clubs from each schools, and health workers from each health center of Sandakpur RM were participated in the training. Introduction to psychosocial problem, symptoms, causes, skill to screen the person with psychosocial problem and possible way to prevent from psychosocial problem were the major content of the training. The training was facilitated by counselors Rudra Thebe and Gayatri Thegim. The training was organized in coordination with Child Rights Committee of Sandakpur RM in support of Civil Peace Service (ZFD) GIZ under the project Strengthening Judicial Structures and Protecting Human Rights at Local Level.