Judicial Committees of OKhaldhunga receive training on Judicial Process

Ilam, 28 August, 2023

Judicial committees from all local governments from Okhaldhunga districts were trained on conflict, mediation and judicial process.  5-day residential trainings were organized (24-28, August, 2023) in Ilam to capacitate the judicial committees. Members of judicial committees and compliant officers from 8 local level participated in the training. The training was practical based on judicial procedure. The trained capacities had knowledge on case handling on their daily role.  Devendra Biswakarma, senior advocate J.B. Lungeli, Man Kumar Baraily and district judge, Chief District Officer Sharvan Kumar Pokhrel facilitated the training. The training was organized by HURF in collaboration with local governments from Okhaldhunga district under the project Strengthening Judicial Structure and Protecting Human Rights at Local Level with support of Civil Peace Service GIZ-ZFD.